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A-M&M Dough Company is an online shop that specializes in vegan and vegetarian cookie doughs. A-M&M was founded by Danyell, Ashton & Max in 2017. We absolutely love cookies, but we also wanted to start decreasing our use of animal products and take on a healthier lifestyle. As a cookie loving family over the years, we ate a good number of vegan cookies and was never quite satisfied. Our dilemma was many of the vegan and vegetarian cookies were filled with weird ingredients and the taste was not completely enjoyable.  All we wanted was a dairy and egg-free great tasting cookie. So, we decided to create great tasting cookies without all the weird ingredients and so A-M&M Dough Company was born!

Here at A-M&M Dough Company we made things easy for people to enjoy delicious cookies in their homes without having to worry about grocery shopping, measuring ingredients, following the recipe, and even cleaning up. You just open the top of the container, grab 1,2, 3, or 8, and place your delicious scoops of dough right on a cookie sheet and off to the oven they go. Now the only hard part is waiting 9 minutes for the cookies to bake then…. POOF! Just like that, you are ready to enjoy delicious cookies fresh and warm right out of your oven. We know, You’re welcome!!

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